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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Random Ramblings from an Easily Distracted Individual

I have junked my distress diary for a blog and cold turkey certainly isn't pleasant. I miss the feel of the paper, the smell of the paper, the splotches of ink on my fingers. This is so much more antiseptic? Well I am on zen mode, go with the flow and besides this is fun coz now I get paid to post...hehe during office hours. Currently I am not depressed or low so the words aren't quite flowing. Wasn't it a wise man who said that dejection is the trademark of a writer? Hehe..for instance would Wilde have been quite as prolific if the world hadn't treated him as a freak? for thought..which reminds me how the hell did they come up with that one. Can you picture the brain like this salivating mouth digesting facts and churning out crap? Ah...but I digress once again, My train of thought takes a detour.
Now getting back to what I had in mind. People are morbid - excessively so. I have these friends going through some rather messy divorces/break-ups and the space monkeys want all the details, grappling for every juicy morsel that comes their way. Goddamn it - live and let live : doesn' t work in the smaller towns. I shudder to think I might get reduced to one of them if I shift to Visag or Kochi. Brrrrr...may my bones crumble and my intestines shrivel before THEY GET ME.


gaurijo said...

Ramble ramba ramble!

Kaushal said...

welcome to the world of Blogging Rambha! awesome first post. :) esp. the transmogrification from papeh diary to digital blog! Wakaw and keep bloggin'.