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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sex in the City

One privileged school, 2 stupid kids, one sleek camera phone – the act captured for posterity….hell almost or until the next gen of cam phones replace the existing.

Heard this disturbing bit of news from a Delhi friend when I was on the net. Help I am disconnected from the grapevine - I never watch the telly, I do not read the TOI…

gurpreet says:
i saw the clear video
gurpreet says:
the woman is happily doing her job with her shirt off
gurpreet says:
and she's in school uniform too !!
gurpreet says:
everyone does everything today.... the asses should atleast do it responsibly
gurpreet says:

the bimbo didnt bother to check if the guy was taking a video

Ok so we are a nation of voyeurs. Isn’t the whole world? We are parasites feeding off spent blood and the miseries of humanity. Only because it makes our existences seem so much more - well - safer, nicer, wonderful??

Just read the ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ and it was a damn good read, especially the bit about the mind being treated as an open cavity where the entire village dwells. Without the jungle, without the village, there are no minds. Social animals..that's us and for those who want out there is no escape...the curse of the global village!

Isn't a blog another voyeuristic spinoff? I don't want to know the sordid details of your love life and hell, you sure don't want to know anything about me. So why bother? Er..really?? Why?

1 comment:

Nick said...

I'd like to know about you. That's why I read your blog, Rama!

I think there's a LOT of truth to that "the village is the mind, the mind is the village" logic in Bonfire of the Vanities. Maybe village = popular culture/media of today? I hate to be cliche, but it seems that among the people I've met around the world, we all share a lot of Universal Truths and Beliefs.