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Sunday, February 19, 2006

On the Road Again

I haven't made a post in awhile. I am trying to limit the time I spend on the computer - I popped a capillary in my eye. I blame bloggers with a fondess for point size 7 .
As the red splodge slowly clears, am contemplating starting a new blog - a more desi Rough Guide mostly because we are planning another road trip - a bit more relaxing than our 'Amazing Race' Delhi-Vizag jaunt. Sure, in the past year we haven't done much but that doesn't mean we won't do more...

Goa (train/rent a kinetic)
During the Monsoons - 5 Days
Rating: Smashing: skipped the beaches but totally worth it
Travelled to the villages - The interiors of Goa are absolutely gorgeous during the rains. Discovered Cafe Fernando nr Ponda Village - the most amazing restaurant you would have ever seen - I promise ya that.

Delhi-Vizag 'ferrying the New Marina home' Drive
During/Post Monsoons - 3 Days Flat :: Dist : 2500 kms
Rating: A pain in the bum literally, but great fun..(too rushed tho)
Across Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh, Orissa, AP - MP, Chattisgarh, Orissa - the ghats are stunning, roads are pretty decent 'cept in Rajasthan where we had an awful time and in MP where a bridge gave way.

2006 : Planning Ahead
During: 22nd Feb-5th March:: Dist : 2900 kms
The bait is an authentic Coorgi wedding in Mysore, but that is just the excuse. Have been wanting to go to Coorg for more than 8 years now, a friend and I did the Bangalore-Mysore-Conoor trip ages ago but had to turn back just as we reached Madecari mostly coz our parents had the police on our tail. (We were too broke to call back home and they thought they had lost us to the hills).

Coorg is astonishingly expensive - we are taking a tent and will pitch it in someone's estate if the situation gets out of hand. A detailed review to follow when I get back. The nice part is we have a decent digital camera so at least I will have the pics to back up our travels/travails. Until March then.
On the cartoon furor, my sis Anusha sent me a link to professional cartoonist Dary Cage's Blog -it has the latest updates not to mention the 'fatwas' issued against the cartoonist. His cartoons about the Muhammad Cartoons are a riot - pun not intended. Caught a neat movie over the weekend 51ST STATE - has ANYBODY heard of it coz I sure hadn't and was pleasantly surprised. Sorta a Pulp Fiction meets bad ass Kill Bill chick movie. Thanks for that Korula


dazedandconfused said...

hey cool trip! havent been to coorg and conoor myself. I envy you that you could take a 11 day break like that.
And you could call me when you are in Hyd if you think you might get kidnapped by any Naxal groups (I have some contacts) or if you just wanna talk @ 9866650751.
And yeah, nice observations on RDB. My favorite scene in the movie is Aamir with Alice Patton in her apartment (after the lathicharge and everything), those 30 seconds before he even starts speaking. What was urs?

Alpana said...

hey, this trip really sounds cool. please plan something up north in the himalayas. dont u like mountains? hey maybe you should post while you are travelling. that would be great.

gaurijo said...

Hey ramamama!!! I am so happy to see you back on blog.. reading you is such a delight!

I am doin alrite.. work is on a lil low right now.. hope it picks up soon...


gaurijo said...

Hey also jus read Andy's comment.. I think Aamir is really one of the best actors we got.. those few moments of silence really make up for any other inconsistencies in the movie! RDB rocks!

S.Karthikeyan said...

Yet to get over from cartoon hangover?

Another take by Scott.

MellowDrama said...

Andy, thanks a tonne man...the perks of freelancing, in a full time job never managed a decent holiday - a holiday that lasted more than 3 days that is. Alp I am heading to the hills, but I am on for another dharamsala trip anytime. Gau it is GREAT to see you for my fav Rang De scene...too many, but I think Atul K rocked when he tries out for a part, also liked the freeze frame in the end, no melodrama, very neat. Yeah yeah aamir rules the roost but hey I thought everyone pretty much matched up to him, which is saying a helluva lot for a hugely 'lesser known' cast.

Hash said...

Enjoy your trip. Have a great time.

da Angel wears Escada said...

I was completely taken in by the physical beauty of the Coorgis when I first went visiting there in summer of 98. Coorgi women blew me away-no pun intended.

Tantalyzing place; this Coorg.

Amit said...

Coorgi babes are awesome, you should have clicked some pics there. We have all seen Tata Indigoes ;-)