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Saturday, February 11, 2006

President Fleet Review

The First Ever Presidential Fleet Review on the East Coast - in VIZAG!
Had the massive good fortune of bagging a pass for the final rehearsal of the President's Fleet Review here in Vizag. D-Day (12th Feb) is off-limits as only VVVIPS embark on the actual PFR though I could go to RK beach to see some half assed demos, illumination and fireworks. Nah...too touristy.

THIS was the real Mc.Coy Sailed on the Presidential yacht (INS Sukanya) - and crossed all the ships at anchorage as the entire ship's company stood at atten
tion and doffed their peak caps to the Presidential ship. Bloody impressive.

BELOW :: INS VIRAAT India's only aircraft carrier, the white splodges are the almost 1000 crew of sailors and officers saluting the Prez.

ABOVE: Also saw the super gorgeous INS TARANGINI - India's only sailing-training boat. Unfortunately the sails were replaced by the ship's signal flags (decoration for the Prez).

FOOTNOTE: Abdul Kalaam is gonna be the first Indian president to step aboard (not to mention DIVE) in a submarine. George Fernandes was the first (and only) Indian defence minister do dive on a sub. While Kalaam's 'dive' on the submarine SINDHURAKSHAK is being catered to with hors d'oeuvre and bone china, Fernandes got no such frills coz the Commanding Officer of the sub wanted him to realise what the average submariner goes thru. The CO was pulled up - much for a reality check.


Hiren Shah said...

We are lucky on this point in history to have a technocrat prime minister and president. It is ironical that the president has chosen to go in the opposite direction considering the heights he has scaled(Space, atomic energy, defence). He is proving to be sporty too. Hope there are more like him

Anonymous said...

very very impressive. Really wish I hada chance to see this in person. Can imagine it must really awe inspiring and rather emotional to see such a magnificient display.

Zoe said...

Absolutly gorgeous images - makes me proud to be an indian and associated with the navy!