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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Coorgi Learnings

Observations on a 3000 Km Coorgi Roadtrip
There will be a more detailed write up in my new 'travailogue' when I get around to it - I return enlightened -
  • Only two people in the whole of Coorg wear saris the Coorgi way. I counted.
  • The road to Hyderabad is dotted with strange structures in the midst of vast tracts of paddy fields. Far away from civilisation and any technological advancement, these are our future engineers.
  • Bangalore is a cesspool of dinky cars and petrol fumes
  • The Reliance Pumps with their massive A1 eateries make great pitstops. You can bathe there for 15 bucks and eat huge dosas for 10 bucks.
  • Coorgi weddings rock. - home made wine, home made Irish cream., fudge, cakes, heaps of non-veg…….besides Coorgi women are gorgeous, there is no priest, the men look awesome in their Coorgi get up....more on this later on my other blog when I get around to making a posting.
  • Tigers usually cross the path of all Coorgi’s, whenever they are merely skirting the perimeters of the Nagarhole sanctuary, intent on getting to Mysore.
  • Tigers shy away from outsiders unless accompanied by aforesaid Coorgis.
  • When in Coorg, do not stay in the capital (too touristy) instead check it out for a day and stay on a coffee plantation – preferably a homestay. Or camp on a plantation…some of em offer camping space.
  • Unfortunately getting food when on the move OUTSIDE Medikeri is a killer. None of the homestays offer food to unexpected visitors.
  • Orange County is a little Lego township-estate with fake Tudor cottages, nice landscaping and a fancy pool. Been there, saw it, didn’t stay – mostly cause a single night’s stay was our entire budget for the trip.
  • Stay at Faith Cinchona (Kutta) with the Uthayas – they arrange surprise forays into adjacent Wynad sanctuary ;). Contact em on 08274244659. is also very helpful.
  • The outskirts of Bangalore have camouflaged maha-fancy NRI estates (eg Trans Indus) that cannot be detected by the naked eye. The colonies are inhabited solely by maids carrying cellphones and speaking fluent English.
  • Why does Chennai have outlets called MARRYbrown – sounds like a Panju named it
  • Covering a distance of 800kms from Chennai to Visag in 10 hours IS possible – we didn’t hit anything.
  • The Indigo Marina is a hardy car. My respect for it has grown in leaps and bounds. Besides it made a nice bridal car (See Pic Below)


Zoe said...

hey rama
great pictures
wish we could have made it for this trip too.

Preeti Prasad said...

Hey Ru,

I'm not being able to compose any mail or reply to any mail on yahoo – strangely… for the past 10 days or so. Tried sending this from my office account but it bounced back... could you please email to gul gang... thanks...

Poopsie I’ve been trying to call you… anyway – BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a great time!

I don’t think you guys got it – Guru lost 12 lacs worth of stuff from his house – not 12 lac cash… silly people. But Guru – I hope you are able to get the bugger, if not I hope the stuff was insured. It’s so tough to trust domestic help – especially in Delhi. Thank God he didn’t encounter any family member… it’s one of my biggest worries.

Rama speed-read your blog! I haven’t taken a holiday in… what feels like… years!

Chalo, more later… with love, pp

dazedandconfused said...

Hi, welcome back!

U seem to have had an eventful trip! No tiger snaps?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ramsay,

Trip sounds quite eventful... would love to visit the coffee plantations some day!
Infact there are awesome tea estates in SL as well...last year went to the one of the highest grown tea plantations and stayed at a place called "Tea Factory". Its an old tea factory coverted into a Resort.....Will look forward to detailed write up!

love always

Nick said...

I love reading about your cool trips. Thanks for the notes - they were great in bullet point form! The coffee plantation home-stay idea sounds great. Free coffee?

Amit said...

Blogs in bullet points are so much more fun to read. I am gonna make Rama my resident Coorg expert next time i'm going there.

Kaushal said...

arggh mellow!! i posted a comment on ur Coorg Snapshots entry - a link to my Coorg pics! i went there on a weekend too! utter gorge-eousness. Hameen Ast, as they say.

oi aren't u ever on msn/yahoo msgr?

Alpana said...

yo, sounds like a great trip. how about more pics? I want to go too. boohoo!

Mellowdrama said... has more details!