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Friday, April 14, 2006

What's your Secret

I had this tee I painted. I wore it to college a few times. It was two sizes too big but the design was eye-catching - lilies on two panels copied from a Monet print if my memory serves me right.

Anyway I sold it. For 500 bucks at People's Tree (Delhi, CP). A fortune back in 1996 for a college kid whose only source of income was covering the campus beat for newspapers that did not pay. Talk about washing your dirty laundry, it got sold within a day. Some foreigner in hicksville USA probably wears it to bed now.

Not much of a secret really, I gloated about the devious deal like any other conniving college kid would. This is the kinda skeleton you can air every once in a while...not like the real dirty laundy that never gets washed although POST SECRETS is a great step in that direction. A sort of virtual confessional box POST SECRETS showcases the best post cards they receive. I love it mostly because it's black and funny and sometimes so cheerless it makes me feel great about my life.


dazedandconfused said...

You know I learnt to fly an engineless biplane in my college days (my college had a flying club). Didn't complete the requirement for a license though I did about 20 flights. My grades slipped but it was fun :)

kaurwakee said...

Does it happen at times that you make a confesion just to see the 'gasp' , that expression on audiance's face?

nice blog!