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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Breach that Wasn't

Hallelujah...all's swell in the blogging world, I can finally access my blog without the hassle of proxy servers. Indian Prime Time Telly was fairly entertaining yesterday. After ages. Two girls and one guy out on a lark - drive up to the Prime Minister's House. All the news channels were yelling themselves hoarse about the mother of all security breaches until the PMO piped up saying it wasn't a security breach at all and most people can sashay up to the second gate on a regular basis.

I couldn't get over the massive security breach which wasn't. The funniest was the NDTV 24X7 newscaster's self-satisfied, smug, self-congratulatory smirk about the exclusive 'interview' with the mysterious girl driving the mysterious Sonata. Haha..the driver turned out to be an air-headed airhostess ( a job she probably no longer holds since 12:00 hrs) who said she wanted to meet the Prime Minster...just coz he is. Er..okay. Now if only the enterprising reporter had asked her if she knows WHO the Prime Minister of India is. That would have sent the TRPs skyrocketing.


Apollo said...

That was really funny :). NDTV only highlighted its own stupidity by hyping a non-issue. unfortunately the girls lost their jobs because of NDTV's idiocy.

dazedandconfused said...

Yeah, it must have been. Though it just took me 5 seconds to determine the stupidity of the whole thing and switch channels.

But you know what's more funny? You protesting over not being able to update your blog when you blog so sporadically yourself!:)

Just kidding :)

MellowDrama said...

Hehe touche! You have a point Dazed ;)

Varsha said...

Agree with apollo....

@ miss a thing the most when its hardest to lay your hands on it..isn't it?!

mathew said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!
NDTV bought out a chat clip with one of which she asks for forgiveness..
The whole thing turned out to be damn funny.!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ameet said...

Thats too funny!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.