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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smashed Cars

After having driven 8000 kms cross country over the worst terrain possible, our car gets smashed 800 metres from our house. The irony of it!

Ah well, the dreaded “new-car-meets-with-its-first-accident” jinx has been lifted. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Insurance is covering it and we might just make the weekend drive to Chennai - A place I abhor and try my best to avoid. But a necessary evil. Flights to Port Blair operate from there.

This year has been a rather strange one. After hitting rock bottom at the beginning of the year, and well, pretty much getting smashed (not THAT way) I figured I might as well do stuff I have been talking about for years but never got around to doing. Coorg, the MA, the Andamans…it’s all working out and to think it took a whole lot of wallowing in despair to get till here.

I can’t stand ‘self-help-masquerading-as-fiction’…but funnily enough one such book I did happen to read (mostly on account of no other books behind around) does spring to mind. Veronika Decides To Die. Not an earth-shattering read but the concept got to me. Honestly, it does take a nasty upset and then some, to get you moving. It’s a necessity; maybe it has something to do with evolution…minus that occasional high dose shot of despair the species would stagnate.

Having been to Lakshadweep, I can't wait to get to the Andamans. Will be doing a thorough recci - diving, snorkelling spots etc. So if anybody is interested to know more...mail me when I get back. All details will be uploaded on my psuedo-Travel Blog. Travel tips welcome!


Aditi said...

oh my god I am envious.. andamans and lakshwadeep are on my list of places to visit.
Neways I never thought of Veronica decides to die as a self help book, but it definitely struck me as a "different book" when i read it.

Mukta said...

as long as no-one got hurt...I hope, no-one got hurt...

and I will be in Delhi, most probably around the 15th of october.

Tried to email you but mails kept bouncing back.

do send pics of your trips. I love travel stories!

karmicjaydeux said...

Enjoy your trip and do post pics. Glad your car is being fixed. Later .. Karmicjay

imhunt said...

Can people tag along? Old friends from distant lands?

How do we know said...

OK, u got this one! Veronics Decides to Die is the next book moi reads!! My partner is going to be very affected by the title of the book though. He mistrusts Paulo Coelho since I asked him to read "The Zahir"

Cat said...


Cruise said...