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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monthly Ramblings

Feb to March has been a bit of a crazy ride and I am not too sure if I want to get off or sit it out. The holiday is well and truly over. Back to battling the deadline scourge that infests my waking hours.

Lately, whenever I pick up a book, I feel guilty about ignoring the ponderous tomes I am supposed to peruse if I have a chance in hell of passing my MA 2nd year – corr. Nonetheless I went bookshopping recently at PAGES (VIZAG) and met this amazing chap who is a book consultant! Notch that up with DJ at a rock./retro joint and food taster at the Zodiac Grill. What wouldn’t I give to be a book consultant though in my humble capacity I suggest books at a local library – how else could I have got my hands on ‘Cell’ hardbound...hyuck hyuck!

His name is Kalanidhi ("Reading is a Lonely Passion") and on his recommendation I added ‘The Historian’ to my ‘On Writing’ (Stephen King) and ‘Manticore’s Secret’ (Samit Basu). Have to get around to reading ‘The Historian’. Meanwhile another generous soul has lent me a crispy clean definitely unread edition of ‘The Glass Palace’ (Ghosh). My cup runneth over.

Top 10 Random Ramblings over the past 1 month

  1. On Writing is an *&^% Indian Edition. It does not have the winning short story I read in the international edition, Damn damn damn……dammmmmit
  2. Pan’s Labyrinth: The first adult fairytale I have seen. LOTR doesn’t count right. Btw what is the difference between a fairytale and fantasy? Do Goblins and trolls bridge the gap? Highly recommended but brutal…really brutal. Loved it. 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. I am right.
  3. Flushed Away: Anyone with a yen for animation has to go where the sun don’t shine – down London’s sewers pervert. Ah I dine in anticipation of Ratatouille. Btw doesn’t Disney’s stills for ‘Meet the Robinsons’ look like last year’s toilet paper?
  4. Weird Dreams: A rocket shriveling up my innards, I woke up sweating and actually touched my arms to check for sizzling flesh. Add to that being shipped off to Russia in my house. Scary shit. I used to control my dreams.
  5. Marie Antoinette: Mellowdrama sheepishly admits she likes period drama. Sat through this fluffy gorgeous absolutely scrumptious production for the cakes and the clothes. Btw the scene where Dunst changes her shoes has a pair of Converse sneakers in the foreground. Probably the part where Sofia Coppola nipped out for a cuppa.
  6. What the heck, I send ‘em a cheque, they claim they have Raja Rao. They don’t receive the cheque and say all the books I want are out of stock. Crap!
  7. Suffarage of Elivra (Naipul) is giving me the heebijeebies. It is a nice book, entertaining but irritatingly repetitive. Give me House for Mr Biswas and Flag on the Island any day
  8. Sherlock Holmes: Ah…Tuesday’s is the only day I watch TV for more than 26 minutes. Estimate news works out to that much minus the ads. Mmmmm.....Jermey Brett on the History Channel. Useless tidbit gleaned from rival Brett aka Sherlock lover – Brett appears holding Hepburn’s arm in 'My Fair Lady'.
  9. Post Secrets: I check out this site every week and every single time there is something I can relate to. Am I that dysfunctional? Help.
  10. Emails: Are a pain in the ass. More so if the rude recipient does not reciprocate. Cold turkey time – have been Msn and Yahoo chat free for more than a year. Gmail/chat and Skype is the way to go.


Jay Sun said...

Lovely post...thanks for all the reviews :)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Great reviews.

And thanks for visiting my blogerino.


Id it is said...

'Book Consultant'... now that's an interesting title. Is this actually a job that one gets hired for? Who hires you? A book store/ company/ publisher?
Informative 'ramblings'. Thanks

hobson-jobson said...


I'd kill for a job like that! Btw how new is this whole "book consultant" phenomenon? I bet you, it came about as an off-shoot of personal shoppers they have at Neiman Marcus, or somesuch.

Shankari said...

Looks like you're having fun! :)

jumping translocation said...

Monthly Ramblings??

I was going to say you had better make it Daily Ramblings and soon.
You have been sorely missed.
Peace and all that jazz,
Jumping Translocation

Mellowdrama said...

Lol I haven't the faintest clue but gimme the damn job!!! I'm your girl!

Jumping translocation
Wow a newcomer, I get so few of those and someone actually reads this besides my friends (who never leave a comment anyhow)

Id it is
Yeah it's for real! Damn I shud hv bagged it if I knew such an opening existed, but seriously that guy I met is immensely knowledgeable, very similar to Srinivasan ( I think that was his name) at Mumbai's Crossword (Haji Ali side)

Lotus Reads said...

Watched Marie Antoinette not once, but twice and both times it made me so incredibly hungry for dessert...amazing sets and costumes but the movie left me feeling strangely unmoved...I would like to sink my teeth into a real historical drama now...Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" was just a little too teenage daughter noticed the Converses, too! lol

Gayatri said...

Thank u for ur inputs.
Its a pleasure to read your blog