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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ways to Save the Planet

For the 23rd of April.

The 22nd was Earth Day as Mithun reminded me. It's imperative we reduce emissions aka the proverbial carbon footprint,

The Do-able Stuff
- Quit leaving appliances on standby mode
- Quit overcharging cellphones
- Refill bottles instead of buying new plastic bottles
- Switch off the monitor when the comp isn’t in use
- Use public transport or walk wherever possible
- Take your own shopping bags when you go grocery shopping
- Use newspaper trash bags
- Opt for trains instead of flights
- Pooh pooh at folks who use the lift (esp folks who live on the 2nd and 3rd floor). Lot of practice on that front.
Switch to CFLs. Expensive but they do land up slashing electric bills considering 90 percent of the energy used by regular incandescent bulbs is lost as heat

The Psychotic Stuff
- Bathe Once a Week
- Flush Once a Week
- Petition for all cattle to be shipped to Mars (see 'What on Earth')
- Shun fans, lights, A/Cs – live in darkness
- Leave food out in the sun to cook
- Starve on cloudy days

The Why Stuff
Harsh white CFLs are synonymous with sterile office environment. Are yellow CFLs asking for too much?

Folk horde Spencer bags. I should know. I do.

I occasionally work for a Wood Magnate. I reassure myself that he is mainly into veneers that he sources from sustainable forests. Ah..the guilt.

The ‘What on Earth!” Stuff
Cattle release vast amounts of Methane through ahem..certain necessary body motions.

Scientists are embracing some bizarre ideas to reduce global warming - like the NASA giant sunshade idea or the forest of extremely ugly artificial trees that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen or for that matter seeding the ocean with irondust to boost plankton growth (that will reduce CO2 emissions). Then again, all great ideas stem from a moment of madness.

Carbon free celebs who go on gigantic tree-planting missions are causing frogs to croak…quite literally. Go figure!

Sydney, in tandem with WWF, conducted a one hour voluntary blackout recently that cut daily energy usage by 10.2%. Well, India is definitely in the eco-warrior league - considering all the energy saved during our (non-voluntary) blackouts.


Anonymous said...

Bath once a week seems reasonable....

Shankari said...

flushing is so seriously wasteful :P

Sriram said...

We're the endangered species, the planet will hum along its predestined orbit till the Sun runs out of hydrogen.

jumping translocation said...

Some of the Psychotic stuff in your entry is well,'s entirely do-able for queer dudes like me :) No seriously, I have no qualms none whatsoever in going without a shave a week or longer and say, turning on the telly for about a half hour twice a week which I like to make up for by tuning in to my fav' radio station 24/7.
There. there - talk about re-ordering of priorities!

Varsha said...

Send cattle to mars heh heh heh...

Nice list.....

Saee said...

I got a google-hit for your page trying to search Victor Dragunsky!
Great Blog!!