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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back from a Baby Break

It has been 5 months since Ved popped out (Dec 8th) and although the baby blues passed me by, I have been pushing (pun intended) a lot of things on the backburner – this blog, repotting my 30 odd plants, scraping together my big book idea, plodding through Roberto Calasso. .......

Babies are surprisingly non-complex. You have to figure out the signals, once you crack that you are on a roll. Babies come precoded and it is just a matter of time before you break it down into the basics – need to poop, need to eat, need to zzz. Funny, I never thought I would enjoy being a mum but I love it, every minute of it, even the sleepless minutes.

Baby Conversation #1
Me: He looks so cute in that weird outfit
Well-meaning relative: No no don’t say that, drishti aango (aka the evil eye)
Me (rephrasing): He looks like a monkey in that weird outfit
Well-meaning relative: How can you say that about your own child

Weird Fact: Having a baby the natural route minus drugs is JUST like, pardon my French, taking a dump. I swear! Heck when the nurse was asking me to give the ol’ heave ho she explicitly asked me to “pass motions”..amidst the haze of sweet pain you wonder - "Does she know which way is the exit?"

On Reading
Do post pregnant women dumb down their reads? According to a Telegraph UK survey, they do. Brit mommies toss ponderous biographies in favour of frothy flakey chick lit. Hallelujah so I haven’t scraped the bottom of the barrel yet! Post pregnancy I have shamelessly devoured pulp fiction but only of the detective thriller variety – Harlan Coban and Michael Connelly. Thanks Vivek!!Nonetheless I intend improving my reads once I successfully manage to juggle the pooping-peeing-eating sessions, the pram strolls, the swimming, the cooking and the work (Maternity leave is over, woe is me!)


Swati said...

Dear Rama,
Welcome back to work-life, blog-life...and whatever other life you can still afford to call yours. You are darn right -- babies come precoded. It's some kind of programming no one can ever crack. Therefore, there is no need to get hyper. Just enjoy him.
Great to hear that you love being a mum! Ved is adorable (drishti aango).
With love...Swati

amy said...

hey amma, thats such a nice thing to read!:) you welcome back to your bloglife!:))with Ved by your side;)

Anonymous said...

Hey damn neat....Good to see that you enjoying mommyhood....happy working and blogging with darling Pam

Canary said...

Heyyy!! Congratulations! So that explains your prolonged absense from blogosphere! :)

Kshitij said...

Welcome back Rama!!

Was wondering what happened to you....until you also suddenly popped out with this blog.

Look forward to some more interesting posts.

Take care!

Mellowdrama said...

Swats, Pam, Dhans, Canary, Kshitij: Thanks a tonne!!!!!!!! Cannot believe the latter two still log on to check out my blog :)

Hathirpithi said...

I cked your blog and left a comment too! add me back!
And write more often and post pictures of Ved. He looks very different now!! Really very adorable.

Heil Neurotica! said...

Hey, congratulations!
So I take it you do not belong to the "too posh to push brigade", eh ?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ramama bird! How goes it! I dare say Ved is the picture of his mum! So totally glad you're enjoying mommyhood. Keep in touch and send us some more pictures of the little future heart-breaker! - Mandy

raj said...

Congratulations and a new life.

Id it is said...

Great to have you blogging again...

peppercomms said...

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