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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why the Bank of India (Hoarding) Campaign Sucks

"The best conversations are when SHE listens to what you are not saying.”
- Bank of India

If that isn’t the most lame, most ridiculous copy I have read in ages...

The sisterhood operates on a subterranean frequency that only picks up what he doesn’t say. If we actually waited for him to say anything…. there would be precious little to listen to. And then WHAT would we whine about?

Woman: “Do I look fat in this?”
Guy: aaah..
Woman: “You said large, I heard you!! You think I am a blimp! You hate me! I know!! You think Sonia has a better body. I saw you giving her the eye at that party! Since when have you been sleeping with her, you two-timing bastard?!”

Woman: “Can we go out for an arty-farty installation at the crack of dawn tomorrow?”
Woman: “We never go out anywhere. You never want to be seen with me. Is it because of the two kilos I put on? You think I am a blimp! You hate me! I know!!!You think Sonia has a better body etc..etc…bastard!”

"The best conversations are when HE listens to what you are not saying."

Substitute She = He and this 'conversation' starts looking up
- Guy actually weans himself off the couch/TV/Wii
- Guy actually pays attention to something that is beyond his realm of immediate interest
- Guy actually cares enough to listen and anticipate what his partner’s unspoken desires/needs.
- Woman is actually quiet

On a more positive and less misogynistic note, I got FOUR pairs of shoes in a size 9-10 at the fantafab Metro Sale. None pinched, all fitted - I couldn’t believe my toes.

Finished a re-re-re-read of Alice and Through the Looking Glass (This time with annotations that were most enlightening.) AND NOPE I haven't seen the movie yet.

Reading Ray Bradbury’s kitsch sounding (but absolutely fabulous) Zen and the Art of Writing’ while on the move. At home I tote tomes of the Millennium Series room to room (Book Two - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Feeling a bit gypped as I got stuck with two disappointing reads-
Boy (Roald Dahl) and Connelly's latest Nine Dragons. I am not too sure what I wanted BOY to be – it was surprisingly benign and almost laconic…where was the maliciousness, where was the wit??? And how did Dahl churn out kiddie books and very adult books simultaneously? I admire that, I really do!

Then again had the pleasant fortune of discovering a super read -Rachel's Holiday (Marian Keyes). While both the cover and the author's name are unquestionably puke worthy, the book is bloody hilarious. I loved it and never mind the stupid mushy ending. Recommended read for deluded substance abuse addicts of all ages. Me? I crave chocolate and I have never denied that;)


Varsha said...

hah hah...nice one...
sad campaign indeed....

Amita said...

i actually read 'rachel's holiday'..i picked it up expecting a slightly-trashy, chick-lit-ish read but it was nice. i liked it. but could not read any others by the author. :-/

Mellowdrama said...

@Amita - Lol, she is actually a pretty decent writer, not the brainless blonde variety, will see if I can get hold of more. Not worth a buy but worth a read:)