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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When I Read More - Before the Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones has ruined my reading habit. Or perhaps it’s that crawling baby who tries to electrocute itself relentlessly. Or is it because I have to get my fix of happy-shappy endorphins exactly between 9PM to 10.30 four times a week?!

I no longer commute. I work from home.

Yup, that’s it. I miss my local train 45-minute commute where I unfortunately never encountered smelly armpits or a poke in the geezer. Towering over most of the crowd, adroitly wriggling my way right in and never asking folk where they got off has always stood me in good stead when I um..stood.
So when half of Mumbai’s resolute ladies preferred hanging out of the door and getting electrocuted (but in a more gorier way than aforesaid baby) I plowed my way through book after book of uninterrupted bliss. With nary a peddler, beggar, lady or the kind that belies being a lady vying for my attention. And before an amazingly persistent and incredibly noisy baby began eying my Kindle.

Do I regret having baby 2 in my late 30’s? Hell no. Sure, priorities change yada yada. But if I can get swimming, jogging and work in, I can get reading in too but that would probably mean booting out ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3. Oh hell..and just when I was carefully watching each episode to figure out who is hotter -Rob Starke or Jon Snow.
And there was a time when I was averaging one book in 4 days when Miss V was still nursing..sigh. 
Americanah - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Of course I bloody googled that) . Interesting but them Nigerians are too much like us Indians. My first Chimwhatever. Sure, she is lovely but not evocative enough to get my attention. She is factual and does tend to ramble on but in a nice way. She reminded me of Manju Kapur though I am not sure why. Is it that whole diaspora, “I have mysteriously migrated to the US with no money to my name, but I will stick to my roots and learn to be an American but I will detest it and continue eating Nigerian food and calling it American names” Ummm… yeah…Probably. 
Hindus – Banned, boring and disjointed. Unfortunately I am not a very serious minded reader so I gave it short-shrift. And there, I reveal I am not the intellectual I purport to be. 
The Slap –  Christos Tsiolkas (No surprises, I googled that spelling too). Horrendously convoluted, I detested it. Practically every other adult in the book deserved a resounding smack. Life-changing, I should think not. And that darned smack to a bratty kid hardly made a ripple for the subsequent events were not related persay. I ploughed through it because it was a library book and I kept thinking I will come across something brilliant in keeping with all those shining reviews. Well, a bit of hope always keeps me going.
Goldfinch – Donna Tartt. I adored ‘My Little Friend’ so I look forward to this, as and when I tear myself away from sport and that ruddy series.