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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Make a Wish Foundation

Here's the deal, the 10 things I WILL DO - before I die, 36 is a good age to die. But then when I was 14 I thought once you cross the dreaded 25 you have lost it. When you are on a first name basis with the aunties of your neighbourhood (ie. you refrain from calling aunties-aunties) you KNOW you are nearing ur 30s.
My laundry list of things to do before I kick the bucket.
Not in order of preference
2. Travel on a bike on a shoestring budget - n one backpack only
3. Go White water rafting again and again and again
4. Get that tattoo after I get inoculated for Hep. a b - can never be too sure
5. Scuba Diving in the Andamans - I wanna be a qualified diver!! A pox on my weak eyes if only I had 6 by 6 god given vision
7. Make a superhuman effort to be nice to bastards
8. Have a daughter and NOT discipline least not in that dictatorial fashion. WILL be a friend no matter how messy she is and who she dates.
9. Be more patient and calm - er..this is a WISHlist aint it, so sue me
10. Get a hold on my imagination, esp considering reality and fiction is getting all mixed up. Did I or didn't I, or waassit my fertile imagination. Dreaming in techicolour is a curse - at least if I dream in b/w i could seperate fact from fiction. Oh yeah also read more sensibile literature - non-fiction and not utilise same only for bed time reading.


Nick said...

Please, please please. Please do not get a tat.

Anonymous said...

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Cure for ennui said...

hahaha! wow! those are things i've thought about but, well just too lazy to actually do it. wonder when the implusive nature will get better of me :)