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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Singing the Blues

Tsk tsk...stooping to cliches does not forbear any good. Damn why do people conform? Is it because they are too scared to be themselves, is it because they have to coz what will blessed society say otherwise. Or am I just ranting coz I can't even though I want maybe. I don't know that is what really scares me and hell I am not bloody 22. I ought to know! Quo Vadis? Hehe.. I am in a LOUSY crappy mood and it is NOT getting better. Ahem though cough cough, do note I abstain frm profanities. Promise to cut down on the F**K but hey I can't go cold turkey completely so sticking with bloody and damn. And right now I am bloody damn hungry, so I am outta here like a bat out of hell with the mood to match.

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