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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Work is a Beach

I am working on a mailer for a company that is trying to "create excitement and generate a postive response" for a conference in Goa. GOA!! GOA!!!!!!!!!!! Goddamn it what kind of gits work over there anyway? Probably the kind who live below rocks and crawl out for sunshine once a month.

The total lack of response on my end in seeing this blog kickin' is probably because this is what I do for a living and I have to conserve my energy for the day ahead. Apologies all around but who the hell is reading this anyway?

Hehe..I want to see Dhoom, I want to see Phir Milenge. So sue me. I do happen to have good taste having thoroughly enjoyed Kill Bill 2. Work is a killer, they kicked out one copywriter, another had a bun in the oven which is doing fine by the by and here I am - the last crusader with her one standing soldier.

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Mr. Tastycake said...

visiting blogs at random, and I am. Take care!