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Friday, October 08, 2004

Funny Days and Sundays

There are some days and then there are SOME days like yesterday when I had to conjure up a script in a scant 2 hrs. Anyway, today made up for it in more ways than one - a string of funny incidents and being appreciated..ah, who doesn't like to be thanked.

Like in the morning I had to go to the derm for a particularly pesky problem (foot woes) and accordingly he made me cool my heels for 2 ruddy hours - hell, the skin had healed by the time I got my appt. Anyway on my way out I had to cross the Gynae ward and HALP what DO I see - a heavily pregnant friend (who by the by I have been trying to avoid) who hollered,""WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME" what? That I have athlete's foot? Hehhe..anyway her bashful husband was appropriately mollified.When I get pregnant I will put up a billboard OK.

1 comment:

oz said...

you have athletes foot???
why didnt you tell me?