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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Beneath the Sea is where a fish should be

I guess I am in a great mood 'cause i actually found this funny:) Love this song, like the band..and hey whaddya now that Goa mailer i worked for wasn't in vain. I might really actually totally be going, Come on Hungama, we have GOT to goah!

Story of a man,
Who decided not to breathe.
Turned red, purple, then blue.
Colorful indeed.
No matter how his friends begged,
Well, he would not concede,
And now he's dead.
You see, cause everybody knows,
You got to breathe.

But, oh God, Under the weight of life,
Things seem brighter on the other side...
Lighter on the other side...

Big Eyed Fish
Dave Matthews Band

1 comment:

gaurijo said...

u r not the only one ramba... even i like the lyrics.. in a weird sort of way...