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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Stuck in the Bogs of Time

Back from a fabulous vacation and stuck with an assignment that smacks of Post Summer Holiday Blues - 'Write What you Did'. Aaaargh!!

Looks like I will be doing that along with other earth shattering activities like
1. Sort out my CDs
2. Paint the Kitchen
3. Chuck the ratty clothes
4. Call up the obscure uncle who might leave me his fortune someday

See, this is the problem, it all sees so simple and so obvious yet I shudder to do it. Okay so I could blame it on ADD - my mainstay, but there is so much to do...starting with those 4 library books that are overdue. Where does time fly? I don't party, I don't get stoned, I don't even work late so what gives!!

1: Cut down on sleep? A possibility, but it screws your system
2: Multitask some more. Nah...already do that and it is NOT helping!!!!!
3. Create a time table for Weekends. Have my chore list on my fridge with NO TICKS
4. Live for the moment, enjoy what I have. Sounds most promising

Perhaps I plan too much and then that fear bogs me down. That is the only conclusion I can draw:( If anyone out there has any ideas...HELP!


Nick said...

Can I make some comments/observations as a Foreigner?

gaurijo said...

Dont u worry you are not the only one..welcome to the 'ones who suck at multitasking' club.. but ye rama u r right.. there has to be a solution for this.. will buzz again when i have it :)

sunilrnair said...

hey rama, nice blog. why dont you join

MellowDrama said...

Nick..of coz you can!