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Monday, October 11, 2004

Trite and (I'm) Prejudiced - THE JUDGEMENT

Bride and Prejudice - Unveiled: The review is in folks
(Saw it in BLACK- 150 bucks for a bloody 40 buck seat..maybe that is why I am pissed)

What It's About: Apparently inspired by Jane Austin’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ ‘Bride and Prejudice’ is no ‘Bend it’, hell it ‘ain’t even close to Chawla’s brilliant ‘Bhaji on the Beach’.

Unabashedly Punju and blatantly Bollywood, this noisy 3 hour (was it, sure seemed like it) movie just trundles from one miserably choreographed song to another with Ash batting her baby blues and playing a total numskull. I don’t see her going the Hollywood route where there are enough gories with pretty eyes who CAN act. Well, let’s face it, the lady can’t even begin to emote – talk about zzzzzombies.

The Story: Liz (Ash as Lalita) hates Darcy (Hendersen as Darcy) – she thinks he is stuck up, such a phirang and a brat, she misunderstands his intentions and falls for the charms of an unsavoury backpacker. Rest of the movie is about how Darcy shows her the error of her ways. Ho Hum! Lalita’s ma (Nandira Babbar) is easily the show stealer, she is fabulous as the loudmouthed, crass Punju mom. Anupam Kher is the wallflower for a change - you hardly hear a peep outta him.

The Good Stuff: Meghnaa’s nagin dance, Mr. Kohli trying to woo Lalita, the baywatch type lifeguards doing a Bollywood shimmy, the bloopers as the end credits roll – yup you have to wait that long to get your jollies.

The Lousy Stuff: Ash Ash and Ash – she sucks!! The songs are godawful, the script a bore and hey this might impress the phirang junta but sorry, we have enough unpalatable Bollywood fare as is, we don’t need a crossover to add to the mess.

The Rating: 2 = 1 for sheer effort and enthusiasm + 1 for seeing the Phirangs gyrate to tacky Bollywood type songs.

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