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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Far Far Away

I should feel ashamed of myself, considering I have ignored this sad stab at a blog for as long as I could. Anyway, here I am in a different city light years from Mumbai. I came with no expectations and now I love it - well so far so good. And it isn't really the boondocks - they have a Cafe coffee day, heaps of five stars we can actually afford, a lounge bar - heck they even have a Big B outlet. We are on India;s map. Here is what I have learnt in the past few months -

1. Money isn't everything, not if what you are earning is the jam. Not if you are in visag!
2. Freelancing rules, the trick is persistence and spam.
3. I can drive - and I am not scared of traffic!! Hurrrrrah, drove close to 700 kms from Delhi to Visag...went up to 120 kms/hr. I am good and I didn't even know it!
4. The Indigo Marina is a damn comfy car - takes some getting used to.
5. Stealing a Gemini from a Naval submarine and going for a joyride around the Visag harbour is awesome - even when you almost get run down by the fleet when you run out of petrol.
6. A Huge big bookself is this season's must have accessory. WHAT WAS I DOING ALL THIS TIME!
7. Beaches are real pretty especially when viewed from a hill top with a vodka in one hand.
8. Barbeque on Doplhin hill view point one has its disadvantages, everyone now knows us as the noisy group with a large marina and an effective sound system.
9. Babies are fun, adopted or otherwise as long as you are not changing the diapers,
10 Visag makes everyone a bitch to some degree - me? I am busy freelancing ;)


gaurijo said...

hey ramama! is the beach as good without a vodka as well? if yes, its time to invite us :)

markhuron4373 said...

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ozzie said...

vodka looks pretty with anything.

da Angel wears Escada said...

Pardon my history but this town Visag of which you wax rapturous; another name for Vishakapatnam?