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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who says Visag Sucks?

When I first announced I am moving to Visag, someone at work asked me, "Which country"..hmm that spoke volumes ...and considering this place is barely marketed and rarely written about - I think I have a muse...a VISAG blog that will put this place in the world map. Well at least India's map and considering they have opened a Big B here, my work might just get easier.


Alpana said...

Maybe you don't want Vizag to be crowded with the "touristy" types. Let the beaches remain pristine.
it will be nice if you can post a lot of pictures of the place

Kaushal said...

say why dont u start evangelizing it by posting a few pics to start with? :) a picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

Rama Thoopal! wish you and the husband a superduper 2006...

- Kau

Anonymous said...


vizag is the asshole of the universe. You cant even get a copy of robin hobb here.

this place sux

Sanjay said...

Hi Rama, hope you find lovely Vizag "home sweet home". It's such a scenic place. If you haven't yet, please visit Kailasagiri, Rishikonda beach, and drive along the beach road from Kailasagiri to Rishikonda. (I'm a Vizagite).

juDA$ said...

It is a jerk-sans place and how I wish it cud b wiped out of its own asshole.I spent 3 godforsaken years there..n let me tell you Delhi is about 3*10000000 better.For Christ sake, you cant f*ckin talk to people if you dont know their language. Northies stay out.!

Anonymous said...

Vizag sucks to the core it is still today an overgrown village. I have noted some points which I have been experienceing here since past 2 years of stay here:
1)Here you dont get house for rent to bachelors eventhough you are working with a reputed job.
2)Labour class people are worse. People lie dhobis, plumbers, elctricians dont turn up in time when you call them.
3) Shopkeepers/autodrivers dont keep change if you have only 100 rupee notes if have only 500 note then its very difficult to get change.
4)People here are very greedy for money and laso they cheat for small amounts like Rs 10, Rs 50 or you can say they are cheap.
5) Here if you go any restaurants and want to have some North Indian or chinese food then forget it you wont get qultiy food of such type. Also in mkany places they keep only items in menu but they dont actuially make it. THIS HAPPENNS EVEN IN BIG 3 SATR HOTELS. SERVICES IS VERY BAD IN HOTELS.

it is really a fucking place