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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Narina Vs The Alienist

It took a shift from Mumbai to Visag for me to realise the art of living..

Why bother with expecations. Really - not only do you save time (the time spent carefully building/harboring those precious illusions)but hey, you are always pleasantly surprised when things look up.

Take this book I picked up at the library - THE ALIENIST - Caleb Carr. Never heard of the author, the cover and the size (600 pages) looked forbidding and the story set in 19th century England sounded suspiciously like Jack the Ripper. But once I waded through the first chapter it was absolutely kickass!! A definitive must read - this is detection at its best using pure psychology - well before fingerprinting, Social Security Nos, DNA reports and body reconstruction sorta ruined the genre for me.

Then again, I saw the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA...being a CS Lewis fan since I was 8, it was a defining moment. Ah well, yes it was beautifully rendered, hell, Mr. Tulmnus even looked liked the illustration in the book and the ghouls and beasties were awesome! Funnily enough I didn't quite enjoy it. Perhaps because it dragged or maybe it was because Susan was a sod and Peter a wimp. Not to mention teeny Lucy who looked like a squashed adult.

Edmund was the only one who seemed relatively human. Anyhow loved the witch - was it just me or did she look like Cate Blanchett in "Elizabeth' - neat dreadlocks.


Alpana said...

Haven't seen Narnia. Was planning to but am not too sure if I will. Somehow I prefer things the way I imagined them instead of having to watch somebody else's version of it.

gaurijo said...

helooo ramama! good to see u back on the blogging scene... hey do u kno martins leaving? wassup otherwise cheers --- gau