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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Dead Body Guy

"Help me live my dream....let me play dead." The Dead Body Guy is no wannabe actor - in fact he does not want to act at all. The latest is, he has actually bagged a role quite literally - in a body bag. You gotta love the guy!

There are enough people vying for attention, and if you read about the guys who dropped their pants in a subway somewhere - they will strike again. Their agenda? Cause scenes. My personal favourite - the
fake U2 On the Rooftop Concert.

"Did I mention that this whole time we were being filmed in High-Definition Wide Screen for Japanese television?" MUAHAHHAHAHAH! Dunno if it was even better than the real thing but it sure as hell was funnier!

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Rashmi Bansal said...

hey I thought of u just yesterday.. have been planning to send u the recco letter, will do it rite after the Valentine issue which is currently driving me crajy is over. Yeah, that time of the year again at JAM.

What's up at Vizag? At least u r updating ur blog more often than before :) sms yr new cell phone no!!