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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Andamans Ups and Downs!!

The days of unlimited connectivity and superior speeds are over. I am stuck with a crumbly 20 hours account and am resigned to horde my previous minutes and count micro-seconds. Hopefully that explains why I never got around to making an Andamans posting. Will gradually get around to a more detailed posting on my other blog and meanwhile here is our trip in a nutshell. Pics up on

We just had 8 days in all and that was about 22 days too short:) I recommend Havelock and Redskin and a whole bunch of other places I couldn’t visit to anybody who loves the sea and snorkelling and diving. If you can’t swim. It’s not worth it…really.

Up: The roads from Vizag to Chennai: Smooth!!!!!
Down: The stretch where traffic was diverted – apparently hay dries best on highways

Up: Air Deccan
Down : The In-flight pamphlet they have the temerity to call a menu.

Up: We congratulate ourselves on grabbing seats on the left side. You get the best views from there.

Down: The view is obscured by clouds and visibility is 2 inches from my nose.

Up: Gorgeous, gorgeous Andamans awaits
Down:As do we –for the blessed ferry.

Up: Havelock all the way!!!! Our islander tout is super efficient.
Down: Only two places on the island accept Credit Cards. Both are appropriately ultra-expensive.

Up:Havelock’s Beach No 7. Firangs and calendar perfect views abound.
Down:Havelock’s Radhanagar Beach. Bongs and squalling kids abound.

Up:Havelock Stay - Eco Huts, Wild Orchid, Bay View… Barefoot for its aesthetic appeal.
Down:Barefoot Jungle Resort: 4 grand for a night and cornflakes for breakfast?

Up:Cellular Jail by day
Down: Cellular Jail by Night. It rained and rained and rained - they restarted the show thrice.'

Up: Ross Island and RedSkin: The fall of the Raj and awesome snorkelling respectively
Down: Jolly Buoy: Mostly coz it was closed for 6 months.

Up:The New Lighthouse at Port Blair
Down: The Taj - a Seafood Buffet and only fish on the menu

Up: Mt. Harriet, the breathtaking, amazing panoramic view
Down: The leeches you carry along with you to the top

Up: Elephant Bay on Havelock…the best place to sight coral and this gigantic fish that freaked me out (it wasn 't a ray)
Down: The hike to Elephant Bay: 2 kms of mud till my kneecaps. No one told us not to try this in the wet season.

On a parting note, it was SO WORTH IT and I will be back:) Couldn't dive and snorkelling was a bit of a downer coz it was cloudy. Second time luckier perhaps?!


Anonymous said...

Its still the wet season there?
Anyway I do hope u post some pictures

Anonymous said...

Yes pics please. :) Sounds like a you had a great time too.

Asmita said...

pics please :-)

shruti said...

hey me too waiting for pics...

anumita said...

This sounds like one helluva trip you had!!!

MellowDrama said...

Hi Guys
I have put up pics on yahoo photos and trying to get the darned pics on my blog bloody Firefox causing problems, wish me luck:)

Anonymous said...

i never knew andamans would be such a great and a lovely place . i guess one should go there o9nce in a life time . atul nagarajan

mathew said...

wow..beautiful snaps..a place so disconnected from the mad rush..that is the beauty of it!!

Varsha said...

hmnn looks like you had a fun trip!!

Anonymous said...

seems u had a gr8 time...

ozzie said...

show me the PICS WOMHUN!!
all of them, yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Hey ..nice pics!

prado said...

Oye cant view the pics on your blog. Mail them.

GuNs said... a larger picture, was it a good trip or a bad one?

I generally tend to have various adventures (and misadventures) on each of the trips I go on. Generally both of these make for great memories. I bet you feel luckier you did all that crap because 30 years hence, you wont be ABLE to do it even if you want to. Whatsay?

BTW, have you read the Wessex Tales? I am yet to meet another living being who has (except the friend whom I borrowed it from).


MellowDrama said...

@Guns: Kickass vacation thanks! Tho there is so much I wish I had done/seen..not to mention dived. Yeah Have Wessex Tales Hardy is a very underrated short story writer - btw his real genius is in this genre

pegasus said...

if u can survive a flight on air dhakkan.. then the entire trip has to be awesome.

ne pics dude?

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Awesome post!