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Friday, October 27, 2006

An Indian Fantasy

I am hooked to Ashok Banker’s RAMAYANA series; appropriately I was on Book 6 KING OF AYODHYA a day before Diwali. I never thought an Indian could handle the action fantasy genre but Banker is surprisingly good and so is the editing. I spotted just two copy errors. Spread out over six books. Honestly, I am floored.

My pseudo-religious fervor nicely balances out with Bill Bryson’s THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE THUNDERBOLT KID. Absolutely hilarious, Bryson is a riot! Being an American kid in the 50’s isn’t all that different from being an Indian kid in the 70’s – after all 1950’s (all-American) conveniences were just about trickling into India of the 70’s.

Diwali was spent in a haze of smog and condensation in Hyderabad. We didn’t burst any crackers and thriftily gaped at our neighbours’ dazzling firework display. Also spent Diwali mulling over past misdeeds and decided I would get around to writing a detailed Andaman’s report that would help clueless wannabe travelers for eons to come..or as long as the WWW stays put. Will be up soon on my other blog.

Information on the Andamans (and I mean sensible travel friendly useful info) is hard to come by. Besides I harbor tender hopes that my blog pops up on a google search if I tap this rich vastly unmined territory. There is no such thing as a Good Samaritan.

About the RAMAYANA Series
Fed on a staple diet of Amar Chitra Kathas and telly Ramayana (which I watched with quiet fanaticism) Banker’s version is a treat - a fast-paced graphic thriller if you will pardon my French. He has culled together Valmiki and Tusidas’ versions among others and I for one never knew that each retelling was so different. Tulsidas portrays Sita as a sobbing half-wit while Valmiki’s version praises her as a strong-willed princess. The infamous Lakshman Rekha is not mentioned in Valmiki’s version at all. Go figure!! For more visit Banker's Blog


mathew said...

oh yeah..that would be a great have a travelogue that makes sense!!!

Abhinav said...

about andamans .. u cud have asked me :)

Anonymous said...

Awaiting your travelogue.. belated happy Diwali.

Anonymous said...

seems an interesting book

Anonymous said...

travelogue!!! gud ya

mathew said... are tagged!!

Aditi said...

I saw this book at the bookstore but wasnt sure how it would turn out... now will try and get my hands on it

MellowDrama said...

Hi Guys
Awfully Belated Diwali Greetings

Sanjay, Mathew, Abhinav Dhruv: Have almost there regd the travelogue...

Cyberkitty, Aditi - Yup it sure is tho I think the last of the lot kinda dragged:)

Mathew: OOoo I am lazy..will do sooooon

Anonymous said...


This August when I was in Bangalore I saw the Ashok Banker "Ramayana" series gracing the shelves at "Crossword" and other bookstores but I wasn't sure what sort of a read it would be. I'm so glad to see you endorse them, I will have to ask my mom to send me the series.

multisubj yb said...

You may read some Ramayana verses which are not popular with ordinary Ramayana writers and readers.