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Monday, September 20, 2010

'ALL AT SEA' didn't Sink

1,022 downed cups of tea, 940 chomped samosas and innumerable practice sessions later, the 66th Staff College Amateur Dramatics Society (SCADS) was ready to embark on its maiden voyage.

Launched on the 16th of September, the ‘naughtical’ comedy of errors, ‘ALL AT SEA’, saw fairly smooth sailing. My judgment criterion being the loud guffaws (of the men) and the more subdued giggles of their better halves

Loosely based on the mid-20th century play ‘Middlewatch’, ALL AT SEA is set onboard INS Nishaan where a party is being held to mark the culmination of the International Fleet Review. As the night progresses, the singularly mismatched set of officers are forced to grapple with unexpected overnight visitors in the form of two ladies and one crusty admiral. Add to it one grouchy chaperon, a domineering wife, a bumbling petty officer and a past that refuses to go away - and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

The play ran to a packed house... well ahem...truth be told we had a captive audience - every officer worth his epaulets had to attend. Nonetheless it was an incredible experience and my first at helping script a stage show - worlds apart from corporate videos, AVs and Gabbar virals:)

Unfortunately there were no scandals to speak of, no torrid affairs and no heavy flirting, so all in all we were a fairly dull lot but heck we had fun, and in retrospect even the 2 AM edit of the script (that almost resulted in bloody murder ) was pretty darned funny.


Sunny said...

ROFL at the Gabbar virals! Is there a recording of All At Sea? Would love to see it or even read the script!

Karen said...

Sounds awesome!
So proud of you sweetie!!!

Rama Thoopal said...

@Sunman hahahah I knew you would get that
@Karen Thanks a lot!!

Dipshika said...

Hahaha...Gabbar're still trying to sell that Gabbar and Kalia

Anjali said...

Wow Rama!!! Had no idea what you had been upto in that little town :-)
Congratulations!!! Would love to read the script - send over asap!!!

Maddy said...

Hi Rama, Congrats! Would really love to see the play. Tell Anand to think of some way to send the video. Hope u r enjoying your stay... cant think why i rubbished the place so much when I last met u.... Really miss it now.

LAK said...

Hey are you at Wellington? Have wonderful memories of it!