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Monday, December 13, 2010

Toddler Party Do

Birthdays. I do not remember when I last really celebrated mine or even ‘wanted’ to celebrate it. You hit the 30’s and it is mostly about the company of moderately priced alcohol and sympathetic friends.

Flash forward to Dec 8th 2010 and organizing a three something toddler’s party single handed. What does a posse of tots eat? Er do they eat at all? I contemplated handing crepe paper decorations as hors d oeuvres. If the kids were anything like the one I was familiar with, they would devour them in all shades.

I consulted the man-in-charge

Me: What would you like at your party
V: Mummum (food)

Me (sinking feeling): Er food? Okay….what else
V: Cake

Me: Of course, what kind?
V: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate………..
(Devious manipulative mother pre-programmed kid to like her fav kind)

Me: Done, what shape?
V: Fish

Me: Fish?
V: Fish Fish Fish Fish………………..

So I downloaded fish designs, I made fishy invites, I cut out shapes that were definitely fishy – their fins were missing. Heck I even had a dot the eye of a fish game and a welcome sign on shiny blue paper that said DIVE IN.

pondered flicking the Naval Ball paraphernalia which did indeed have a mermaid theme. Gave up on it when I realised the venue might be under surveillance.

I am not sure if the kids were impressed with my decoration efforts but the mums chaperoning them were. YAY!
Until one mum commented how strange my fish looked. BOOOO.

The mad rush for appropriate return gifts, the painful packing and marking, the guest list in a state of flux….all ok, all calm – until the caterer went fishing, the baker went hiking, the food didn’t quite put in an appearance and the thirty something small guests did ;(

Another mad rush to make teeny pizzas and teenier idlies, along with a LOT of hollering, a lot of driving and what can only be politely termed as a near nervous breakdown.

Well, the cake eventually put in an appearance. I was so thrilled I promptly stole the gems before the kids had a go at it. Hell I had paid for the damned thing in more ways than one.

I cleverly deputed two super sweet mom friends to cut more fish shapes for a treasure hunt game. But that never materialized - I was too busy fending off kids in much the same the average Somalian fends off persistent flies)

Kid: Aunty Balloon dedo! Dedo na Dedo na..DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDO DEOD DOEDO DEDO (holding on to my leg)

Kid 2: Aunty bubble soap chaiyye
(had bubble soap solution all over the place so kids could blow...well bubbles duh!)

Kid 3: Aunty apke paas hindi music nahin hai kya?
I was playing rock and roll much to the chagrin of assorted mummies. (Ladies, I didn't have the time to organise the Lil' Mermaid OST!!)

Kid 4: Yes aunty!!!! Aunty Sheela ki Jawaani!!


Organising a birthday party with husband AWOL and in-laws frantically trying to reschedule flights to get to Sri Lanka Vs 20 laps in the pool + 5 games of squash + 8 km hike through unexplored territory + doing a 1500 word dissertation. That’s a no-brainer bubba!

As for V, he was too busy kissing the girls and eating cake……. my boy..sigh.

Starting today, precisely at 9.45 PM after V knocks off, I am getting back on hell with the Defence Services Staff College jigs and all the script writing i have been stuck doing. "I am retiring while I am at the top' - QUOTE UNQUOTE my squash partner. Reading 'Duma Key' (Stephen King) - King and I share a love, hate relationship and I CANNOT seem to end it. Want to re-read Mrs Craddock and Razor's Edge (Maugham), The World is Flat (left it midway a couple of months ago)., Shantaram which I have gotta return to Annie, Memoirs of my Father, gadzillion list is infinite - waittaminute that CAN'T be called a list at


neil awa said...

hey nice one.... too bad i missed d party and all the kids, especially the one requesting sheila ki he sure figures on top in my birthday invite list....

Mellowdrama said...

hahah it was a girl!! howzatt?

ozzie said...

dont tell me u didnt have Munni.. heheheheh.

Free-Fallin' said...

Aaaah, AAaah, you know prabs wanted to do the bubble-bit too....stayed up till two trying to make the bubble solution. thanks God i vetoed the idea!!
hey, the fishy-fun party was great! loved the decorating efforts taken and the cake was phenomenal!!

Varsha said...

Oh kids! Nice cake, if I was your kid I would have been super thankful, atleast till the next birthday...

Sheila ki jawani?!? OMG kids.

Mellowdrama said...

@Varsha...I should damn well hope so and more imp when I am a doddering old woman, V takes care of me in fond remembrance of birthday parties gone by:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rama,

Couldn't stop laughing at your blog:-)))). Happy Birthday to Ved. Leave me your cell # at

Kavita said...

when did you write this one? it's hilarious. could almost imagine you hopping between a sea of kids, clinging to your legs begging for jawani songs and all the while you stealing gems off the fish cake! keep writing rama... it's great fun to read :D

Anonymous said...

Mellowdrama indeed! Very impressed that the party didn't end with your (or some annoying kids') obituary. Your friend, my husband, has only just alerted me to your blog...I was considering having a birthday party for my dog, inviting all his doggie friends...I'm sure there will be chaos but at least no one will be asking for Hindi music! gayatri