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Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to work, Back to reality

Of late my digital imprint has been a bit like my cooking. I consume more than I concoct.

I am constantly trawling the net for new web trends, social media bytes and general blather that will knock the socks of my employers. So of course I have no time for anything that entails typing more than 140 characters. And this is when I AM working.

When I was minus a legitimate job, my Facebook floundered, my Twitter hardly chirruped, my blog got bogged down and I dropped from the (digital) social scene like a fly squished by a particularly effective swatter.

Now that I am three days away from my first 100% fulltime job (since V came along) the moths are raising up a storm in the pit of my stomach. I would have stuck to butterfly flutters but that conjures up a vision of a picturesque meadow with butterflies gently flitting to a Chopin sonata. What I feel like is more of a ‘lost in a dark forest torn from the underside of your worst nightmare’– set to Darth Vader’s signature tune.

There are wonder mums with three children who juggle it all without breaking a sweat. I am pretty sure I am not it, not when I still have peanut butter under my finger nails as I dash frantically to catch that damned bus. Why use public transport when you can drive? Well, that is when I get to read for an hour uninterrupted. The old fashioned reading - minus the palm top/the ereader/the tablet sort and more importantly away from the three year old toddler sort. Though to give V credit he is in bed by 8.30 PM, giving me 2 hours of reading time at night as well.

Meanwhile as my clock stolidly plods on, I am back to scouring the net
1. To act extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends
2. To sound relatively adept in geek speak
3. Hoping like hell I am not out of my depth

Devil in The White City (Erik Larson) : Stunningly researched and a ripping good read, if you like the mix of power hungry builders and gory serial killings that make Jack the Ripper’s exploits seem like granny playing croquet. Highly recommended and mostly fact, you get to know about the first Ferris wheel and the incredible, unbelievable effort that went to create the extravaganza that was the Columbian Exposition: The World’s Fair in Chicago of the 1890’s .

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Stephen King) : I ‘fess up, I am a King addict especially when he isn’t always off on his LSD trips. This one is a fabulous read - a girl lost in the forest for nine days who finds strength in baseball and her favourite star. Simple, lucid and yet frightening. I am not straying away from any path, that’s for sure.

The MoneyChangers: I used to be a Hailey fan but this is definitely not one of his best. Re-reading this after more than 15 years so it felt a bit odd. Déjà vu..

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Manesh said...

rama don't forget ur a superwomen, with great powers comes great responsibility :P. and u don't have to act knowledgeable u are ;)

Jardin said...

love the spirit, Rama! rock your new job in your own inimitable style. all the best.

Mellowdrama said...

@Manesh: Hahah I wish:)
@Jardin: Good to hear from you, how is life abroad? Thanks...tad bit nervous and all

Gayetri said...

"When I was minus a legitimate job, my Facebook floundered, my Twitter hardly chirruped, my blog got bogged down and I dropped from the (digital) social scene like a fly squished by a particularly effective swatter."
Kudos to women who make a sincere attempt to do both - it feels nice to know people actually manage to do what you want to do yourself in the same position.
And.......good to see you back !

almost blogger said...

This is simply not done. I want to shake you up, literally, and demand to know from you, how in Stephen Fry's name do you make the time to read three books in a month?! Surely, your home must be 'a nanny city' to help you with lil' V and all.
I salute you, woman from the rooftop of the tallest building in a communal colony in the centre of a megalopolis!

Siddharth Soni said...

Going by this write-up and your reading shelf and the sacrifice you make - giving up driving - for reading, I think you will never be out of depth. Don't even mention 'hell'. :)

Nice to chance upon your blog.

Siddharth Soni said...

Btw, that name MELLOWDRAMA is pretty good. Wonder if the blog could carry the same. :)

Kavita said...

ved's birthday read made me look up another of your writings! not disapointed. not disapointed at all!!!