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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Surviving Summer

I have just been informed, for the 14th time, that this season's must have is an A/C. Apparently non-Andhraites are mostly ill-prepared for the scorching summer and shrivel to prune like textures. Meanwhile it is still a bit nippy and I spotted a 'harcore-Puneite-forced to shift-to-Visag' in a thick sweater yesterday. Ahem! The nice thing about the Indian Navy is it is SO convenient - you meet all the flakes in one place. And the nicer thing about Visag is, they are ALWAYS around to entertain you.


Hash said...

The name is Vizag, just in case you got it wrong and Visag wasn't a deliberate attempt.
That holds good even if you prefer the British to the American :)

hathirpithi said...

hey good to see you are updating your blog regularly. now please update mine :-)
i am very bored. can i join the navy and be entertained too!

MellowDrama said...

Years of editing appalling articles has its repercussions, the abhorrence to the Americani's'ation of English has its pitfalls. To all Andhraites who stumble into this blog - FORGIVE ME :P