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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A vigalente (Hyderabad based) blogger pointed out that I spell Visag wrong. Ah, don't I know that, but it never struck me anybody would notice. Especially considering most people I left behind in Mumbai haven't the faintest clue where i disappeared to. Years of editing appalling articles has its repercussions, the abhorrence to the Americani's'ation of English has its pitfalls. But yup - henceforth I shall stick with VIZAG - in the dim hope of mellowdrama being thrown up by a search engine (on page 88). I googled it, how sad am I?

God bless online radio, dunno what i would do without it. Tune in to Virgin Classic Rock or play it on Windows Media Player. Reading 48 Rules of Power (Robert Greene) - the first 'self help' book I have ever actually read - the usual gyan but interspered with historical references - pretty neat. I surprise myself.


Hash said...

Need to thank you twice. First one is obviously for changing to Vizag and secondly, for the classic rock radio link. Thanks, lady..

da Angel wears Escada said...

Hullo Ms.R :

What the Dickens is wrong spelling it as 'Visag' with an 's' ?!
You would think if it looks like Visag, sounds like Visag, smells like Visag; it probably is still Visag never mind the crappy spelling.

MellowDrama said...

Hey AK...I agree with you, my feelings exactly!! Btw the Visag/Vizag happened because of a well entrenched abhorrence for all things American (spellings really). But then we don't spell Delhi as Deli either ;) Cheers, hope you see this

Zoe said...

hey rama, vizag is any day better than visag. if you stuck in that place, you can spell it anyhow you want to! go for it girl.

Ajan said...

You be hurting the feelings of a Vizagite like me..
It was actually called "Waltair" later changed to "Vizagapatnam", now officially called "Visakhapatnam"..But the people there call it "Vizag" and the new generation call it "Y-Zag"
And ppl wont like it if Mumbai is called Mummabai or MamBay or Mumbie..